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What is a smart glass partition?

Switchable glass makes it possible for office partitions to give employees the privacy they need while making it look modern elegant. It is also called smart glass because of its ability to switch from transparent to translucent obscuring the view, according to the user’s whims

What is Switchable Glass?

Switchable glass, also known as electro chromic glass or smart glass is glass that can switch between being clear and being translucent just by pushing a button. Switchable glass uses the scientific principle of electro chromium to function. According to this scientific idea, materials change their opacity levels (usually from transparent to opaque and vice versa) when an electric voltage is applied across them. Normally, smart glass has a bluish colour which switches to crystal clear transparency on the passage of an electric current.

What are the Advantages of Switchable Glass?

Since switchable glass prevents both the heat and the light from the sun from entering in, it is very energy-efficient. Using this type of glass in the summers can reduce the use of the AC in your office exponentially, while less heating would be necessary during the winters.
This type of glass blocks harmful UV rays from the sun too and is available in a wide variety of tints. While UV rays are blocked, natural sunlight coming in through the exterior windows can spread into the whole office since the glass can be made transparent at any time, unlike walls which would block all sunlight.
Apart from providing privacy, switchable glass is quite low maintenance in comparison to traditional blinds and painted walls – blinds collect dust fast and paint can chip off of the walls, making them look worn-down much faster than glass walls. It can simply be wiped clean and carries no risk of any kind of stain.

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